Healthcare Education Expert Frank Swiger Ohio Shares 5 Must-Know Tips For Educators In Any Field

Frank Swiger Ohio

March 15, 2021

Frank Swiger Ohio

Healthcare Education Expert Frank Swiger Ohio Shares 5 Must-Know Tips For Educators In Any Field

Owing to COVID-19, many educators have had a tough year in what is a challenging career even in the best of times. Education is a hard field to work in as teaching is a difficult skill to acquire and the needs of students constantly change. Frank Swiger Ohio has established himself as a leader in health care training, and now he’s going to share some tips that educators in any field can benefit from.

“The first thing I try to remember is empathy,” Frank Swiger Ohio says. “Sometimes, it feels like there’s a divide between students and teachers, and somehow each side is an adversary to the other side. That’s not true. Teachers and students should be allies on a mutual quest to learn and educate.”

Frank Swiger Ohio notes that some students can still be a problem and some classes, even ones filled with adults, may have troublemakers. Still, empathy can help in these situations.

“If a student is having trouble keeping up with the work, or has a poor attitude, they may be suffering from problems at home,” Frank Swiger Ohio says, “or they may be working long hours at a job, trying to support a family. Through empathy, you can try to learn what challenges that student is facing and also how you may be able to help.”

Some students will also struggle with certain topics. You can put students in a position to succeed by providing additional materials and suggesting helpful extra resources.

“Not every student is going to pick up every subject right away,” Frank Swiger Ohio notes. “I’ve seen exceptionally bright students struggle with certain topics. Extra resources, online websites where a student can learn about a topic, may help. Sometimes, seeing the same information put in a different way can really help students.”

Frank Swiger Ohio Discusses The Importance of Developing Routines

One thing Frank Swiger Ohio encourages educators to strive for is a routine. This is true for both in-person classrooms and remote learning. Routines help students stay focused and on track and can reduce the risk of them falling behind.

“Setting a weekly quiz is smart because it requires students to stay focused and to continue learning,” Frank Swiger Ohio argues. “If you only do two big exams a semester, students may put off their work and try to cram a few days before the test. That rarely works out well.”

When it comes to remote learning options, self-study is a must, but providing structure through online lectures and other methods should also be part of the curriculum.

“I love self-directed learning,” Frank Swiger Ohio says, “and to this day I try to pick up new skills through self-learning regularly. That said, students do need to interact with teachers and other students. Setting up remote workgroups and group projects is smart as well. Also, consider having check-ins with individual students so they can ask questions, and you can gauge their progress.”