Frank Swiger Ohio Believes These Developments Will Be Vital for Vocational Schools in the Years Ahead

Frank Swiger Ohio

January 25, 2021

Frank Swiger Ohio

Frank Swiger Ohio Believes These Developments Will Be Vital for Vocational Schools in the Years Ahead

Vocational schools have become very popular and important for people looking to advance their careers. Students can learn hands-on, practical skills while attending vocational programs, ensuring that they’re better prepared for their chosen careers. Frank Swiger Ohio, the S&S Training Acquisitions Corp., believes that these schools will continue to play a vital role in the future.

“I don’t mean to knock the traditional four-year university system,” Frank Swiger Ohio says, “but for many students, vocational schools are a better option. I’ve acquired and operated numerous small businesses over the years, and in my experience, vocational schools offer a great pipeline for talent.”

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the education industry in the United States and indeed across the world. Many school campuses have shut down, but a lot of students have continued to learn online. Frank Swiger Ohio believes the Internet is essential for vocational schools.

“By offering online courses, vocational schools can be more flexible and offer learning opportunities that fit around the student’s schedule, career, and family life,” Frank Swiger Ohio argues. “I believe we’ll see more vocational schools offer online learning.”

Frank Swiger Ohio Believes Hybrid Models Offers Many Advantages

The above doesn’t mean that in-person learning will disappear. Indeed, hands-on training is often beneficial, if not necessary, for vocational training. Frank Swiger Ohio believes we’ll see more hybrid learning programs.

“You can’t always replace in-person learning, and even if entirely online programs are possible, some students will still benefit from hands-on training,” Frank Swiger Ohio notes. “I think we’ll see some vocational programs adopt a hybrid model, cutting down on in-person class time and replacing much of the learning with online courses. Still, students can come in to complete specific in-person training routines.”

A hybrid in-person and online model may offer the best of both worlds. By being more flexible, these programs will also allow more people to attend and complete them. This will increase education and skills across the board.

“Going forward, I think vocational training will become all but necessary for people who want to enjoy a high paying career but don’t want to go the traditional university route,” Frank Swiger Ohio argues. “This will increase the number of students attending. Schools may respond by increasing course offerings, providing students with more choices.”

Increased competition should increase the overall quality of vocational programs. Costs may also come down, which will encourage even more students to attend vocational programs. Frank Swiger Ohio notes that while wages have stagnated in some sectors, increased vocational training may help students increase wages and enjoy better, more fulfilling careers.

“I think we’ll see a lot of win-win-wins,” Frank Swiger Ohio claims. “Students will benefit from higher wages and better vocational programs. Meanwhile, vocational schools will enjoy increased revenues as attendance rises. And on top of all that, companies will benefit from a better talent pool and students who have the skills today to complete the work of tomorrow.”